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Slokker Visor Ski helmets

Slokker Visor Ski Helmet Model Bakka

High-quality Slokker ski helmets
The Italian Slokker ski helmets with visor are helmets of very high quality, nice fit and a polarising and co-colouring visor. Are you looking for a new ski helmet and would you like to be able to count on appearance, comfort, fit, strong materials and a perfect fit? Then you're in the right place at Slokker ski helmets.

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Why a Slokker ski helmet with visor?

Good fit
You can adjust the size with a dial for a great fit.
You can just keep your normal glasses on under the visor
Italian design
High wearing comfort
High security level
Visor antifog treated
Suitable for all weather types

Ski helmet and goggles in one
Slokker ski helmets with visor provide the ideal protection for your eyes from the sun and your head from falling. You will also never have loose ski goggles or sunglasses lying around again. With built-in ski goggles that flip open, you will never forget to put your helmet on and never lose your ski goggles or sunglasses. You can just keep your own prescription glasses on. Explore all of Slokker's visor helmets and see which one suits you best.
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On our website, you can always immediately see whether we have the product in stock. Have you found a nice model, but is your size not there, for example? Then feel free to contact us. Who knows, we might still be able to deliver quickly, so you can hit the slopes with your new ski helmet, for example.

With us, you can count on:

High-quality products
Fast and good service
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Which helmet will you choose?
Have you been able to choose from the collection of Slokker ski helmets on our website? Then you can order them directly from us online in a secure way. After payment, you will receive confirmation by e-mail. Here you will also find more information on delivery.

Do you have questions about stock, delivery or returns? All this info can be found on our website, but always feel free to ask us your questions. You can contact contact us at +31 6 48338161 or