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Bohlt Electric Steps

BOHLT's electric scooters are modern, user-friendly and durable. Switch on and drive off, that's the idea!

Looking for a foldable electric scooter that is easy to store? The BOHLT eKick models are perfect to use for short commutes.

As for the new electric scooters, Bohlt used the same approach in their development as with their electric folding bikes. "The electric scooters have a number of aspects in which they excel. For example, Bohlt only works with A-brand batteries such as Samsung or LG. All the scooters are equipped with disc brakes, front rear and brake lights, and pneumatic tyres are fitted to all the scooters.

Also, all Bohlt electric scooters are already pre-assembled, so you won't spend unnecessary time on complicated assembly. In addition, the simple folding mechanism makes it possible to fold the scooter quickly.

Despite the fact that the electric scooter is not yet allowed on Dutch public roads, we have decided to add this product to our range. On the one hand because we expect e-steps to become legal in the Netherlands too in the foreseeable future, and on the other because the demand for this product is high.
Besides riding on public roads, there are plenty of other places where you are allowed to ride an electric scooter. "Think campsites, hospitals, industrial estates, port areas and so on. Of course, you can also take it on holiday abroad, where you are often allowed to ride on public roads. Of course, you have to check that beforehand."

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