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Ski helmets with visor

During your winter sports holiday, you only want one thing: to enjoy kilometres of piste with your helmet with visor. But as you step off the lift with your skis and stand at the top of the mountain, the weather can suddenly have turned. That one clear blue sky with sun you were enjoying at the bottom of the slopes has suddenly turned to a grey sky with snow on top of the mountain. And now what? Of course, you prefer to get back down safely. Time to put on your ski helmet visor and go. Browse our range of ski helmets for women and men and order the ski helmet with visor of your choice.

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  • The ski helmet with visor will be delivered within 2 days
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  • Ski helmets fitting on location in Vianen or Budel

Pressure from your ski goggles is a thing of the past

Whether you go for the blue, red or black slopes, good equipment is essential during your holiday. If you have ever tried on loose ski goggles, you might just find that you experience unpleasant pressure in your face. Very annoying of course, because on the slopes you naturally prefer to exercise with minimal distractions. With a good ski helmet with visor, this worry is thankfully a thing of the past. From now on, leave loose ski goggles at home and opt for a handy 2-in-1 variant with helmet and visor in one!

User-friendly ski helmets

Can you picture it? Once you are seated in the chairlift, the sun starts shining brightly on your face. Delicious. Just the ultimate pampering moment before you reach the top of the slopes. Nothing like getting some much-needed vitamin D during your winter holiday, right? Every ski helmet with visor in our collection is easy to open. Even if you wear thick gloves and prefer to keep them on, the helmet with visor is easy to open. Does the weather change? Then the visor of your ski helmet is quick to adjust.

Choose from a variety of colours and styles

Of course, we all now wear ski helmets while skiing, and if you don't wear one, it's time you did! Not only do ski helmets now come in a range of styles and colours that become an important addition to your piste style, ski helmets with visor are also absolutely essential for safety and protection on the mountain. Especially when you consider the speeds you can reach on the slopes, an accident is in a very small corner! A ski helmet with visor provides the necessary protection.

Ski helmet fitting on location in Vianen or Budel

Buying a ski helmet with visor is obviously not something you do every day. You want to be sure of a helmet that fits nicely. The helmet should look very good and suit your personal taste. And perhaps you would like to compare several ski helmet models before buying a ski helmet with visor. Ski helmets fit is possible at one of our locations in Vianen or Budel. You are welcome there.

Buying a ski helmet with visor at Via2Shop

Are you going on your first winter sports holiday soon and would like to invest in good equipment like a ski helmet with visor right away? Would you like to finally have equipment for yourself after years of renting equipment on holiday? Or is your ski helmet in dire need of replacement after intensive use? Check out our range of ski helmets. Ordering a ski helmet with visor at Via2Shop is quick and easy.

Your ski helmet will be delivered within 2 days and you benefit from free ski helmet shipping from €50. Would you like to receive advice on ski helmets with visor, but are unable to visit one of our shops? We will help you further if you contact us by phone.