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Bohlt Electric city bike

Electric city bikes for everyday use
What is a city bike? The name kind of gives it away: an electric citybike is a city bike with a motor and a rechargeable battery. An e-citybike is ideal for commuting. A quick visit to your friends or daily shopping? On an electric city bike you will reach your destination extra fast. An electric city bike is not only a sustainable means of transport, but also a practical way to get around. You will always find a parking space for your city bike and standing in traffic jams is a thing of the past with a city bike!

With an electric city bike, you see more of your surroundings, because if you have to make less effort, you are more inclined to cycle a bit longer. An electric city bike rides like an ordinary bicycle, but you also get support when pedalling thanks to the front-wheel motor. So you'll never arrive at your destination sweaty or out of breath again. And the amount of pedalling assistance? You decide that yourself! So on an electric city bike, you can also effortlessly ride through the woods or along meadows. The ideal electric city bike for everyday use: for the city and for recreational use.
Buy electric city bike
You can buy an electric city bike at BOHLT. Our city bikes are high quality and affordable at the same time. The e-citybikes are equipped with all conveniences. For instance, our electric city bikes have 28-inch tyres, a powerful but very quiet 250w motor, speed settings, gears and even a handy front luggage rack. Here you can easily stow all your daily groceries or your backpack. Would you rather not have a luggage carrier on your city bike? Thanks to the handy AVS system, you can remove the luggage rack with one click. Your cycling trips through the city will be very comfortable with an electric city bike. Want to buy a good electric city bike? Buy at BOHLT!

Thinking of buying an e-bike for the city? Then feel free to take a test ride at BOHLT first: free, no obligation and, of course, the quickest way to find out whether a BOHLT Urban is right for you.
Electric city bike for women and men
Our electric city bikes are unisex. This means that our electric city bikes are suitable for women and men. You no longer have to choose a city bike for women or a city bike for men. This modern electric city bike for women/men appeals to everyone. So feel free to lend your e-citybike to your housemate, partner, sister or brother. Need a bike ride to the supermarket, gym or into town? With a sporty city bike for women and men, you'll get where you need to go even faster.

The BOHLT Urban has a neutral colour (anthracite) and looks modern. All our electric city bikes for men and women have a low entry, just as you would expect for a women's bike. Furthermore, the design also considers the frame height of an e-city bike. The frame size of BOHLT city bikes are perfectly suitable for both men and women. Of course, you can also adjust the saddle manually. The ideal city bike for everyone!

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