Axa Frame Lock Solid Plus


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The AXA Solid Plus Frame Lock is a high-quality frame lock with the option of inserting a plug-in cable or chain into the side of the lock (not included) and thus connecting your bike to a fixed object. The Solid Plus ring lock offers optimum security through the anti-drill cylinder and the hardened steel bracket. The ergonomic control button offers you maximum comfort.


  • With ART2 quality mark
  • Approved for bicycle insurance in NL / FIN / DK / SE / UK
  • Maximum protection through extra plug-in option
  • Equipped with child safety
  • Ergonomic control button
  • Excluding 2 5m bolts
  • Opening: 58 mm
  • Net weight: 0.69 kg

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Type Axa

Axa Solid Plus


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