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OSC Jacket Women

Are you looking for a OSC jacket for women ? You can find this at Via2Shop . These jackets are designed not only by style but also by by function. The jackets can withstand extreme weather conditions and are therefore of very high quality.

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Why an OSC jacket | Via2Shop

  • Nice fit;
  • Hand made in Canada;
  • Windproof and waterproof;
  • Zippers are also waterproof;
  • High quality down quality;
  • Offers protection up to -40°C.

You can easily order the jacket of your choice via our website. If you have any questions about the order or about the jacket, you can contact our customer service.

You can contact us via our contactform . Of course it is also possible to call. You can do this to +31 6 4833 8161 .

Outdoor Survival Canada

The OSC brand stands for Outdoor Survival Canada . The jackets are designed in Canada. In this country the feeling temperature can drop to -40 degrees Celsius. An Outdoor Survival Canada jacket has been specially developed for this and can keep you warm in extreme conditions.

Outdoor Survival Canada women’s jackets

Outdoor Survival Canada is one of the better jackets brands that you can get. Being cold in the winter is a thing of the past with an OSC women’s jacket. The jackets always have a good fit.

In addition to being functional, they are also stylish . You can get these winter coats in different colors. The coats are also handmade. Once a jacket is made, it is tested under the most extreme weather conditions.

In this way you wear a jacket that is very complete, comfortable and reliable. This is something very few brands manage. We also have OSC jackets for men .

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If you place an order with us, we strive to ship the order within 1 to 2 business days. Once the order has been placed you will receive a confirmation of receipt with all details. As soon as payment is received and the products are in stock, we will ship your order.

If the order exceeds € 50, we will ship it for free within the Netherlands. We ship to countries all over the world. Different shipping costs apply.

Order your OSC jacket today

Ordering the Outdoor Survival Canada ladies jacket of your choice is very easy via our website. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact our customer service. You can do this through our contactform . You can also call +31 6 4833 8161 .